Jansen Flowers poor online services

Longview, Washington 0 comments
Not resolved

I ordered flowers on 11-9-12 from Jansens online, I see the charge on my bank statement 4 days later, then almost a month later I get a credit, all from Wesley Berry, Jansens online flower company, flowers were never delivered, Then I receive a credit from Wesley Berry for 1/2 the price, so I use that link and ordered flowers for another person, that charge went thru but no credit.

I call Jansen Flower in Longview Washington, and gave them 3 days to make it right, They just kept handing the problem off to Wesley Berry, (which you cannot get ahold of anyone there) and refused to make it right, meanwhile my daughters feelings arfe hurt because she assumes I forgot about her birthday..Bottom Line....Never buy from Jansen Flowers in Longview Washington, terrible customer service!!!!

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